Senior Symfony (3.x/4.x) Developers

Sri Lanka


- More than 2 years of hands-on experience in using Symfony 3.x/4.x is a must. You need to be very comfortable with creating a complete application using the Symfony framework and its components such as Controllers, Routes, Template Engines etc.

- Excellent knowledge in applying OOP concepts to design applications using PHP

- Good working knowledge of working with Relational DBMS such as MySQL/MariaDB

While it’s a must that you possess the skills to work with the aforementioned technologies, it would be a great advantage if you also have experience in working with the following tools/technologies:

- GIT version controlling (GitHub/BitBucket)

- Ability to configure CI/CD environments using Jenkins/TravisCI/PHPCI for PHP/Symfony project build and deployments

- Have a good understanding of JavaScript concepts and exposure to JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS

- Ability to ensure code quality using tools such as SonarQube (with SonarPHP plugin)/Checkstyle etc
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